Dépannage Informatique

Over 20 years of IT experience, Stéphane Informatique can fix your IT problems. Computers are necessary part of modern life, but they also need looking after. Be it protecting them from a virus, hard drive falures, a good ‘spring clean’, or maybe some updates.
Here at Stéphane Informatique, we are able to provide all you needs. Have a virus? No problem, we can fix that! Hard Drive failing? No problem, we can fix that! Need a new computer? No problem, we can arrange that! What you computer to work faster? No problem, we can fix that!
Office or Home computer, we are here to serve!


Remote Assistance

Some problems can be resolved remotely, thus increasing response time and getting you back online faster. This option can only be used if your PC can connect to the internet and is still responsive. A PC badly infected by viruses, malware and/or has physical damage may require onsite intervention.


• 20km radius of Loge-Fougereuse (85120) included
• 1€ for every additional kilometre
• 30€ minimum charge for all OnSite callout fees

In many cases, this is the required option to find the solution and get you back up and running. Our team will come to your office/home (or we can meet in a mutual place) and analyse the problem and, in most cases, repair there and then. In some severe case (such as extensive virus/malware or hardware failure), the technician will advise it is better the take away the PC and repair at the workshop to help reduce cost to you.


Re-Installation of the original Microsoft Windows (or upgraded version if previously done). AVG Free Anti-Virus installed (if no other provided), Microsoft Office (if valid product key provided). Additional software installed if provided. All data is backed up prior to re-install and kept for 3 months on a secure server.


Lost your files/folder by accidental format or deletion? In most cases they can be retrieved. If the hard drive is physically damaged, there might still be hope!!!

note: for best results please stop using your computer immediatly to improve the chances of restoring lost folder/files.


Your PC is constantly exposed to the elements in both the virtual and real world.
Here at Stéphane Informatique, we provide a complete PC Health Check-Up. This includes:

  • Removal of any unwanted software/bloatware
  • Scan and removal of potential viruses/malware
  • HDD/SSD health check
  • RAM health check
  • GPU health check
  • MS Windows health check and updates (if a MS Windows 11 update is pending, the hardware will be verified it will operate smoothly and correctly first, and of course you wish to upgrade).
  • Any recommended upgrades such as RAM, HDD, SSD etc
  • CPU, GPU fan dust removal


See our section Data Safe Guarding for more information and pricing.


Starting at 60€/month TTC

– Remote Assist (hours per month depend on forfait)
– Onsite Assistance (not included on entry level forfait, hours per month depend on forfait)
– verifying anti-virus software is updated and scans running (remote)
– verifying malware software is updated and scans running (remote)
– Hard Drive status – defrag/health (remote)
– Response < 48h (Monday-Friday, Sud Vendée)